Business Telecoms & Broadband

For most businesses, telecoms and broadband go hand in hand, connectivity is crucial to the success of any business. Dropped calls and engaged lines can lead to a potential customer becoming one of your competitor’s customers. That all important email you’re unable to respond to could make the difference between a long term fruitful relationship and turning a client off for good. Nobody likes to be left hanging around for a response and the last thing you want to be doing is frustrating and turning away potential business.

Efficient and effective communication systems are crucial in supporting a productive relationship between your business and its customers and suppliers.


Business Telecoms

Business telecoms have the potential to become extremely complex as technologies converge and businesses grow. Connecting multiple offices to each other and the outside world is fundamental to how businesses communicate efficiently and the costs can quickly soar if not managed properly. We have partnerships with many telecoms solution providers and have extensive knowledge in many different makes of telephone PBX systems ensuring that each of our clients receives the best system suited to their requirements and budget.

From a small office requiring simple voice calls to large businesses with multiple offices and multiple users, converging business critical and call centre applications, Entire IT supply, install and maintain the best telecoms solution to suit your requirements, saving you money and ensuring your business operates efficiently.

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Business Broadband

We understand the importance of a fast, reliable broadband connection and how essential communicating online is for businesses today. Emails and internet connectivity have become an essential part of life let alone the everyday running of a business.

VPN’s, VoIP, cloud services, backups and file downloads are all paramount for most businesses, not to mention “Googling it” when you need to know something fast. These things are all reliant on a fast, efficient and reliable internet connection.

Broadband services like our telecoms solutions sit seamlessly alongside each other and in a lot of cases are reliant on one another. Again like our telecoms services we can offer advice and services independently ensuring you receive the best solutions at the best price.