IT Support Edinburgh

Your IT systems, no matter how well they were installed and configured at the outset, will always require tweaks and repairs as time goes on. Unfortunately, as you probably know only too well, technology is far from infallible. Whenever you need your IT systems to cooperate most, these are invariably the times when technology will let you down!


Experienced Team

Entire IT Solutions has many years of experience providing IT support in Edinburgh and surrounding areas for businesses of all sizes. We´ve developed long term relationships with many of our clients who have come to rely on our knowledge and insight. For our clients we are a vital cog in the running of their business, ensuring work can be done without interruption from system glitches or hardware failure that can potentially jeopardise deadlines. 


Latest Technology and Expertise

We use the latest monitoring and alerting tools that allow us to prevent major incidents occurring before you are even aware you had one. When you need us, our service level agreements ensure a rapid response to provide our expertise and skills. We act quickly and efficiently within these agreed timescales either by advice over the phone, secure remote access to your systems or a visit to your business in person.

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Methodical Approach

Our methodical process ensures we can identify the best way to resolve your problem and take whatever steps are necessary to achieve this. On the rare occasion the problem lies outwith both your control and ours and there’s a 3rd party involved, we will take control of the situation. We know how frustrating it can be to come up against a brick wall of technical jargon when all you want is a simple and straightforward answer and resolution.

Support Packages



Less than optimal system performance is frustrating for your users and can have an adverse effect on workplace productivity. To ensure that your systems run as smoothly, reliably and efficiently as possible, Entire IT Solutions perform regular maintenance checks and often solve problems even before they have a chance to have any impact on you. 

Maintenance visits can include – security checks, antivirus checks, hdd maintenance defrags and freeing up space, deleting temp files and programs, cleaning out and making dust free and educating end users on good practices.

Maintenance visits are included as standard in some of our support packages.


Monitoring & Logging

At Entire IT Solutions we not only make it our job to fix problems that arise, we also put a great deal of effort into preventing them from occurring in the first place. 24 hours a day your servers', PC’s and network appliances are being analysed and diagnosed, identifying any weak links or vulnerabilities across your network.

We can respond to issues which require attention and implement fixes remotely or when necessary, a site visit from one of our engineers in most cases before you were even aware you had a problem.

Knowing what software is installed and where, your systems are up to date and secure with backup solutions in place is equally important as your system running smoothly.

With our monitoring and reporting tools you’ll have all that information at your fingertips.

You can rest assured knowing that our intensive monitoring and automated alert systems will be attentively observing your systems logs ensuring IT support in its entirety allowing us to act without delay.


Our Packages

Entire PAYG

This is our most simplistic package on offer. On request our IT expertise becomes available to you on an hourly rate. No Service level agreement.


Entire Prepaid

This allows you to purchase banks of our time in increments of 5 hours. This may be more suitable to customers with more technical and time consuming jobs. This customer support solution gives customers a discount on hourly rates and a guarantee that our team will be on the job within 4-8 hours of us being contacted. Further discounts available with every increment of hours purchased.

Entire Support Solution

This is a monthly subscribed support package giving your company UNLIMITED support Monday to Friday, 9-5. We also schedule monthly maintenance checks to inspect systems and make sure everything is running smoothly and guarantee a response within 4-8 hours of us being notified. The subscription price is relative to the number of devices and the complexity of your IT system.


Entire Support Solution +

With the same specialist service we offer in the Entire Support Solution. There is further priority to customers who opt in to ESS + with a response time of 0-4 hours of us being notified.

Entire Support Solution 365

This support solution offers ENTIRE support morning, noon and night, 24/7, 365 days a year, consider your IT specialists on stand-by.