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Your data’s security is incredibly important to the success of your business, but not only that, for many of our clients such as Dental practices and Doctors surgeries it’s a lawful requirement that the level of their businesses’ data security meets extremely high standards.

IT Security comes in many forms, from basic anti-virus & firewall protection on PC’s, servers and mobile devices to dedicated firewalls, VPN routers, encryption systems, cybernannies and web content control. We understand just how critical your data is. Whether it’s customer databases, your staff’s personal data or your financial and banking records, making sure your systems are secure is paramount. It’s also your business’ responsibility.

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Highest Standards in IT Security

We work to industry standard best practices and provide years of experience in IT & Data security. We have built up relationships with many different security companies and are familiar with the multitude of products offered. Entire IT Solutions make it our priority to make your business as secure as possible. Don’t delay & enquire about our security services now and close the stable door before the horse bolts.

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Data Destruction

We know how valuable your data is and it can be disastrous for your data to fall into the wrong hands. Whether it’s a competitor, a thief or disgruntled employee the last thing you need is your data ending up somewhere it shouldn’t be. This can compromise your business or become a PR disaster.

We wipe hard drive & magnetic tapes removing data from old or broken systems. We will wipe your hard drives clean destroying all contents. Whether you want to reuse the equipment or are happy for us to recycle your redundant assets or even if you want us to physically destroy the HD you can rest assured that we have taken care to ensure your company data is disposed of in a secure and permanent way.


Speak to the IT Security Experts

Get in touch with us today if you have any questions regarding IT security. We can arrange to visit your premises to provide a comprehensive consultation in order to establish exactly what security measures you should have in place.