About Us


At Entire IT Solutions we aim to sort your technical problems as efficiently and quickly as possible with minimum hassle, saving you time and money, ensuring your IT down-time is minimal. Whether you’re a home user just looking for your computer to start doing as you ask it or a business looking for your whole IT systems to be managed professionally with a pro active approach, look no further than Entire IT Solutions. From the smallest problem to the largest installation, we have it covered.

Meet The Team

Scott Clark, Director
Scott has worked in the IT industry since the early 90’s for a host of major companies as well as some not so big. Having gained a wealth of knowledge both in the corporate world and the sme marketplace Scott decided to create a company himself and use that experience to combine both. Taking all the good bits (and leaving out the rest) his aim was to deliver corporate solutions to small to medium sized businesses at affordable prices. We’re confident that’s exactly what he’s achieved!

Outside of work Scott can often be found taking “looooong” walks round a golf course (swearing at himself), playing and watching football (although these days, not playing as much as he’d like) or spending time with his two boys and his good lady, taking a well deserved break in some sunny clime!

Gordon Neill – Technical Manager
Gordon overseas the running of our technicians making sure our clients are receiving the best support possible. A technical guru for as long as anyone can remember he’s the ideal go-to person to manage our team. He started programming computers in 1982 as a hobby which rapidly evolved into producing commercial software as part of his role as a development engineer. In 1994 he started doing IT full time and has written business software and provided IT Support for many large UK institutions and multi-national companies. Over the last ten years Gordon has been concentrating on designing and managing the back office infrastructure for various a host of SMEs in Edinburgh and surrounding areas.

Gavin McAdam – Business Development
Gavin is our commercialisation and contractual expert and all round business development whiz! His years of working across a variety of sectors including Aviation, Rail and Commercial/Retail brings a fresh perspective to our strategic development and business planning approach, allowing us to identify more holistic solutions for our clients.

When he’s not sniffing out better ways for us to manage our business and client needs, Gavin can be found climbing munros, golfing, spending time with his family and enjoying an occasional beer.

Chloe Knowles – Business Innovation
Chloe is our resident sustainability and innovation guru from down under with experience across a wide range of sectors and a passion for fresh ideas. She has worked for over 15 years in a variety of roles, including 5 years of experience working in sustainability centred roles across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Chloe is committed to identifying cutting-edge solutions which can be integrated in a sustainable way to ensure long term benefits for our clients.

In her spare time, Chloe can be found exploring the delights of her new home town of Glasgow (including hunting down the best place to get a quality coffee!), as well as venturing out further afield to fight knights and re-enact her favourite film scenes in the castles of Scotland.